Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall cleaning

I came to a sad realization yesterday afternoon: I live in a sty. Not that I'm a stranger to messy surroundings. I lived with 3 men, who didn't know the right end of a broom stick or what it was to be used for, in a small apartment for a couple of years. It used to bother me so much back then how dishes would pile up in the sink for days and never make it to the fully functional and empty dishwasher unless I had a spare moment to get to if between classes and homework, or my two jobs. Or how about the empty bags and cartons of food lying in a pile next to the couch? Once while cleaning I decided to make a pyramid out of their empty beer cans. If only I had thought to take photos of it. Of course the mess never bothered them so long as they could still get to the fridge and the bathroom they were right as rain. I wont go so far as to say I am this huge clean freak but I definitely have my OCD tendencies in that department.

I have come a long way since then.

This house is a disaster and I can't keep using the excuse that I don't have the time to clean it up. Really, what is it that I'm doing all day other than taking care of Emmett? Not much, to be perfectly honest with you. And not only that but I have no idea where half of this crap even came from. When Rob and I moved out here we barely owned enough to fit in the back of his truck and now all of a sudden there is just stuff everywhere. It's like our possessions are breeding or something. Even when you take into account the few things that Rob took with him when he moved out. Ahhh! It's driving me insane.

So screw the whole Spring Cleaning idea, I've got to get the Fall Cleaning underway and I need to start it sooner than later. The Holidays may still be a couple of months away but that is still super close and I would like to entertain the possibility of doing some good old fashioned entertaining myself, if only to have my dad and step-mom along with my half-siblings down from Maryland. The sooner I get started on this endeavor the sooner normal cleaning will be that much easier. So wish me luck. I'm hitting the trenches tomorrow!

Provided I can take my nose away from my book for long enough ...

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SarahRachel on September 29, 2009 at 11:53 PM said...

I feel the same way!! We've moved like 5 times since we've been married and every time we give away/throw away/sell tons of stuff. And yet, here we are- one year in this house and I have no idea where all this STUFF came from. I just boxed up three enormous boxes for the homeless shelter and still feel like I barely made a dent.